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Only plumbers should sell the kitchen sink on their website

Posted by vgmforbin on Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 in General

Written by Steven Eilers, Copywriter
Only plumbers should sell the kitchen sink on their website

We’ve all seen them; websites that are packed full with every product, every detail, every employee and the entire company history crammed in; in other words everything including the kitchen sink!   As a site visitor, you may read the first 2 paragraphs and then you find yourself skimming and scrolling faster and faster, trying to find that bit of information gold hidden in all of the clutter. Did you enjoy that website? Could you find what you needed or even remember why you went there in the first place after reading all of that “content”? The short answer is NO!

If you are a business that sells a certain type of product, like home medical equipment, furniture or clothing for example, you will have a product catalog that features all of your items grouped in a neat and orderly fashion and arranged in a way that makes sense where customers will go to shop and order. That’s why you have a catalog in the first place so keep it there!

So how do you avoid a “kitchen sink” website?
1. Read your site content from the point of view of the customer. Will the customer really care about all of this information? Will they benefit from it? Will they find what they need or will they find another site that’s faster and easier to navigate?

2. Give your site the 2 second and 1 minute test. Can the customer tell what it is you’re selling/offering after reading the first 2 seconds of copy on your site? Read the content on your site for 1 minute.  Are you still interested after 1 minute or are you bored? Remember, read it from the customer’s point of view.

3. Even the History Channel talks about upcoming events. If you have the honor of being a well- established business or organization, that’s great, but now tell today’s customer why they need to care. If you are a 100 year old organization that had stayed strong during the Great Depression, how does that benefit someone today?  We are a short attention span society.

4. Shakespeare you ain’t. Big flowery language is fine for Romeo and Juliet (and cheap romance novels) but not for a website…unless of course you are a website about Shakespeare. Your site content simple and easy for the average person to read and understand. Don’t talk over their heard or talk down to customers, just talk to them.

5. Remember, as a customer it’s all about ME! Why should I choose your product from your business or organization? What are you going to do for ME?

Remember- Only plumbers should sell the kitchen sink on their website!

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