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Nov 11

The Online Ad Buffet: Choosing the Healthiest Option for Your Business

Posted by vgmforbin in Search Engine Marketing

Choose from one of the many online advertising platforms wisely


When you type in “online advertising options” in Google, you’ll get a search results page that lists 285,000,000 results (delivered in an impressive 0.69 seconds). Everyone offers ad options now: Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and a growing list of websites will all gladly take your money in exchange for showing your name and message.


It’s all a bit like a buffet. You walk in the door, get a table, and then your eyes bulge out of your head at the dizzying array of options in front of you. Which do you try first? Maybe some of this, some of that, oh and you don’t want to forget some of this other thing as well. Before you know you’re full, both of food that is terrible for you and regret.


The point is, successful online advertising is all about choosing the right channels and creating a strategic plan. Why? Because you don’t want to hit the end of a month and feel regret creep in when you’ve spent $1,000 without generating a single lead or selling one product.


If you’re just dipping a toe into the waters of online advertising, there are certain platforms where you should focus your effort and available budget. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for success, but choose the right channel(s) to focus on and be smart with the budget you have available.


Nov 7

Paid Online Advertising: No Longer a Novelty, but a Necessity

Posted by vgmforbin in Search Engine Marketing

Online advertising is a necessity, not a novelty


The crank-operated pencil sharpener started out as a novelty. It was mounted on a wall in your classroom, and while it may as well have been named the “Knucklebuster 3000,” it was far better than the handheld sharpener you had to twist, and twist, and twist.


Today, you may not even find a wall-mounted pencil sharpener in a classroom. Mechanical pencils spelled the end of them. Bag phones were replaced by cell phones, which have now been replaced by smartphones. In fact, many things that started out as novelties are now must-haves.


As a business owner, you know there are some things that are no longer novelties, but necessities: the ability to accept card payments, financial management software and a website to market yourself. But as online marketing continues to evolve and transform, so does the line between what you can get for free and what requires an investment.


Sep 25

New Product Launch: VPress Takes Blog Platforms to the Next Level

Posted by vgmforbin in Web Marketing

VPress, Forbin's new blogging platform

The nature of our work means we rely a lot on third party software to get the job done or better serve our customers. Since we began offering blog development, hosting and content creation services, this has meant relying on a popular open-source blogging platform, WordPress.


However, it is with great excitement that we would like to announce the launch of our own proprietary blogging system: VPress™. Mixing in the benefits of WordPress, other blog platforms and user needs, VPress is a step forward in creating a blog platform that performs better with the rest of the website.


Sep 25

Class is in Session: Questions to Ask About Your Business’s Online Marketing

Posted by vgmforbin in Web Marketing

Questions to ask about your online marketing

By now the schools in your area are no doubt back in session, and kids across the country have adjusted to being back in the classroom. While students only have to worry about making good grades, outside of school the business world never sleeps.


You constantly have to stay focused on sales, and huge part of bringing in paying customers is marketing your company. With the school year having recently begun, now may be the perfect time to borrow a page out of the teachers’ playbook and give yourself a “self-quiz” about your online marketing efforts.


You may come to find out you are further ahead (or behind) than you thought. Take a look through the following questions surrounding your online marketing that cover social media, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and analysis.


Aug 18

Tech Tuesday: Working at Amazon | Forrest Gump on Tinder | BuzzFeed’s Payday| Auto Hacking

Posted by vgmforbin in Tech Tuesday

VGM Forbin Tech Tuesday

It’s the second day of the week, meaning we’re coming at you with Tech Tuesday, our weekly round-up of web and tech stories you should know. We have an awesome list of stories and topics for today, including:

  • Insights into the work environments at tech giants like Amazon, Uber and Facebook
  • A man channeling Forrest Gump on his Tinder profile sweeping ladies off their feet
  • The introduction of modular phones from (who else?) Google
  • Fossil and Intel teaming up to produce an internet-connected watch
  • Hackers disabling a Wired writer’s vehicle in busy highway traffic
  • NBC Universal making a huge investment in BuzzFeed



Aug 12

Your Website URL: Should You Purchase .BANK, .HEALTH or .PHARMACY?

Posted by vgmforbin in Search Engine Optimization, Web Development

Your website and brand could benefit from a different top-level domain.

Your website and brand could benefit from a different top-level domain.

Just last year, online real estate dramatically changed with the introduction of new Top Level Domains.  It’s true that we have always enjoyed a certain level of freedom with the availability of .com, .biz, .net and the international choices of .co, .uk, .au, etc.


However, industry keywords, city names and interests have now entered the market, with nearly 4 million websites around the world currently taking advantage of this new feature.  Will you be an early adopter and register for one of the 1000+ new Top Level Domains to hit the market this year?  Before you do, here is what you need to know.



Aug 11

Tech Tuesday | The Google Alphabet | Facebook Live | HTC in Trouble |Terrible 2014 Passwords | Why Cats Rule the Internet

Posted by vgmforbin in Uncategorized

VGM Forbin Tech Tuesday

It’s Tuesday, signaling another edition of Tech Tuesday. In today’s roundup of web and tech stories you need to know, we touch on Google’s “Alphabet,” Facebook diving into live streaming, HTC in dire straits, the most used passwords in 2014 and the science behind why you see so many cat videos on the internet.


Jul 20

How to Respond to a Negative Comment on Social Media [5 Tips]

Posted by vgmforbin in 5 in 5


For many business owners, the worst thing that can happen on social media is a negative review or comment. They may as well have shouted bad things about you on a crowded street corner.


While this may not seem like a positive event, you need to view it as a chance to let your customer service skills show through.  Today’s 5-in-5 looks at how you should respond in these types of situations.



Jul 20

What to Post on Social Media [5 Tips]

Posted by vgmforbin in 5 in 5


Trying to figure out what to post on social media is not always an easy job, even for those of us who do it every day. It’s a constant battle between pushing your business goals and posting things you think your followers will want to engage with.


Today’s 5-in-5 offers up some quick tips for filling out your social posting calendar and generating ideas.



Jul 15

4 Reasons Why Content & Design Should be Developed Together

Posted by vgmforbin in Web Development

4 reasons why content and design go together

“I want our new website to look amazing!”

What customer hasn’t said this phrase at some point during the development of their website? Of course, a clean, modern looking website is a great marketing tool to have. But the “look” isn’t the only thing you should be concerned with when developing or considering a new website.


The words deserve some of your time as well. A website with great design and terrible content is just like a lemon at a used car dealership: lots of flair, but low performance.


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