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Mar 3

The Revamped Rules Guarding Online Card Payments

Posted by vgmforbin in Tech News

Guidelines for accepting online payments from PCI DSS 3.0

Do you accept payments online or looking to add this functionality to your website? PCI DSS 3.0 standards need to be in place to protect you and our customers.

Accepting payment directly through your website benefits both you and your customers. It allows them to make purchases faster, which means you get paid quicker. However, like all things online in this day and age, there are dangers as well.


We all know the instances of data breaches and stolen cardholder information by now. But are you compliant with the latest standards for online payments?


The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council released their Data Security Standards version 3.0 in November of 2013. These standards were to be enacted by Jan. 1, 2015. If you accept payments of any kind through your website or through a cart system, it needs to be in compliance with these standards.


Mar 3

Online Security: What’s Keeping You Up at Night?

Posted by vgmforbin in Uncategorized

Security concerns of a few Forbin clients

We asked a few of our clients what their biggest security concern is for 2015. Their answers may sound familiar to your own security concerns.

We live in an age where technology is able to do so many great things. It’s capable of helping us store a huge amount of information, more than we ever have before. This valuable information includes everything from names and addresses to account numbers, social security numbers, financial data and patient data. Unfortunately, there are those who wish to steal this information for their benefit.


Cybercrime has been thrust into the spotlight recently with data breaches and hacks at large companies. Now, more than ever, security is just as vital a part of any business as products or services.


We asked a few of our clients to offer up the security issue they see as most threatening in 2015.


Feb 27

5 in 5: Improving Your Security

Posted by vgmforbin in 5 in 5

Security tips from VGM Forbin

It’s no secret that we think security is vital to any business’s online presence. We made it one of our predictions for 2015, and we’re recently introduced VGuard™, a proprietary security system to defend websites from known and unknown threats.


That’s why we could think of no better topic to kick off our “5 in 5” blog series, offering five tips in five minutes or less.  Putting these security tips in place at your business could mean the difference between getting hacked or being able to sleep at night knowing your company and customer data is safe.


Feb 24

Tech Tuesday: The Best. Selfie. Ever. and MORE

Posted by vgmforbin in Tech News, Tech Tuesday

VGM Forbin Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday is here again, and there are some great stories out there relating to technology and the web. In today’s edition we feature stories about Facebook’s increasing advertising numbers, a guide to encryption for beginners, making Facebook more accessible for the blind, big data fighting fraud and literally the best selfie ever.



Feb 19

Mobile Responsive and “Mobile-Friendly” Websites are not Equals

Posted by vgmforbin in Web Development

Responsive websites vs. mobile-friendly websites

When it comes to mobile, a responsive website — with your site’s full content and features — is a game changer.

First were the doubters who thought the internet wouldn’t catch on. Next came the skeptics who laughed at the idea of individuals accessing the internet from a personal computer in their own home. Then came internet access on laptops, and then mobile phones become internet accessible.


Feb 17

Tech Tuesday: Kids Coding with Google, the Battle of Fibers, Apple Watch Update and Social Networks Unite for Security

Posted by vgmforbin in Tech News, Tech Tuesday

VGM Forbin Tech Tuesday

It’s time for another Tech Tuesday, our weekly round-up of stories you should know regarding the technology and web industries. Today’s stories include Google jumpstarting kids on coding, a “Battle of Fibers” in Kansas City that could have national implications, Facebook,Tumblr and Pinterest uniting in the name of security and Apple prepares to launch the Apple Watch.


Feb 10

Tech Tuesday: Twitter Data Requests, Auto Security Threats, Anonymous vs. ISIS and More

Posted by vgmforbin in Tech Tuesday

VGM Forbin Tech Tuesday

It’s time for our first ever Tech Tuesday, a quick look at some of the most interesting stories relating to the web and technology. Today’s headlines include an increase of government requests for Twitter data, the war brewing in mobile payment tech, a lack of security for wireless systems in your car, hacker-group Anonymous taking on ISIS and a better look at the net neutrality debate.


Feb 9

Phasing out PowerWeb 2.0: The End of an Era

Posted by vgmforbin in Web Development


Everything technological and web-related has a shelf life, and as quickly as innovations happen these days, a lifetime can be two or three years.


We first introduced our PowerWeb 2.0™ platform for HME providers back in 2005. In its time, it was truly original and was the next step in our line of web solutions for those in the HME industry. But, like all good things on the web, the days of the PowerWeb 2.0 will be coming to a close soon.


Why is PowerWeb 2.0 going away?

While most web technology is out of date or plagued with problems after four or five years, we still have a number of customers running on eight, nine or 10-year old PowerWeb 2.0 websites. The reason for the phaseout of the 2.0s isn’t because they don’t work; it’s because of a variety of other reasons, the main one being security. Older security standards are easier to hack and work around (though we won’t let this happen).


Support from various internet browsers and other technology tidbits is another reason for the phaseout. There is also a better, more modern web solution available for HME providers: the PowerWeb 4.0. It is a better solution in that it gives you more control over your website’s content, allows you to more visually connect with your audience online and easier to manage from a backend point of view.


Most importantly, a newer platform is just better from a visual, functional and marketing standpoint.


What is the timeline for the phaseout?

The first part of our phaseout plan for PowerWeb 2.0 owners begins this month. If you are currently on a PowerWeb 2.0, we’d like to help you find a new, better solution for your website. Ideally we would like to start a conversation with you as soon as possible to minimize any of disruption of service with your website.


We need to hear from you by April1, 2015 in order to help you find a new solution for your website needs. Waiting until after this deadline increases the chance of disruption with your website’s service, so be sure to get in touch with us today.


What do I do to upgrade?

Just give us a call at 1-877-391-5654 and say you are calling about the PowerWeb 2.0 upgrade. We’ll connect you with Jane or Carrie, our HME sales representatives. They’ll guide you through your options for a new website with us.


We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Feb 5

VGuard™ from VGM Forbin: Increased Security and Peace of Mind

Posted by vgmforbin in Tech News, Web Development, Web Development Process

VGuard from VGM Forbin

Security keeping you up at night? VGuard from VGM Forbin is your answer.

Being vigilant about security is no longer an option. Ask Target, Home Depot, Ebay or any of the other large corporations across the country who have suffered data breaches. As a business, you are not only obligated to protect your company data, but any customer data as well.


As the internet has evolved, so have the means through which cyber criminals steal information. Security, while not “sexy” in nature, is as important to your company’s success as any product or service. This means your security systems need to evolve. Fortunately, VGM Forbin has developed a system to enhance your website’s security: the VGuard™ Intrusion Penetration System.


Jan 28

More than Words: The Case for Website Content as a Business Asset

Posted by vgmforbin in Website Content

Quality content is a great business asset for your website

If it’s bad, quality content can help!

Your website content can attract, persuade and sell. So why do so many businesses think of it as a commodity instead of an asset?


Think about building a brand new website for your business. What are some of the first things that come to mind? An online catalog? The ability to connect with users via live chat? Allowing customers to make a purchase or request product information? All of these help with certain goals you might have for a website, but they should all be afterthoughts to one thing:


Content. Or as many people call it, “the words on the page.”


But referring to it as just “words” really devalues what content is and does. The content on your website is your company, whether it is text, a photo, video or infographic. The content a user sees when they come to your website is what their opinion of your business is based on. So, there’s one prevailing question you have to ask:


“What does our content say about us?” Most often, the answer isn’t good. Why? Because too often content is viewed as a commodity instead of a business asset. 



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