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Mar 27

5 in 5: Which Social Network Should I Choose?

Posted by vgmforbin in 5 in 5


VGM Forbin choose a social network

Hint: throwing darts at choices on a wall is NOT the best way to do it.

“Everyone else is doing it.”


If you said this a lot as a kid, you know it was never a good justification for wanting to do something. Your parents most likely responded with, “You’re not ‘everyone’” and that was that.


The same goes for your business’s social media presence. It is essential to be on social media, but not on every network. But how are you to choose? There’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Vine and dozens of others.



Mar 24

Tech Tuesday: Dinosaurs, Facebook Payments, Apple Streaming TV and MORE

Posted by vgmforbin in Tech Tuesday

Monday is over (thankfully), which means it’s time for another installment of Tech Tuesday! In today’s edition, we cover a lot of ground, from Facebook Messenger and the average Internet speed in the United States to Apple streaming network television, the technological future of farming and an awesome video of Jurassic Park remade with Legos. Take a look and be sure to click through to read more about these awesome stories.



Jurassic Park: awesome. Jurassic Park with Legos? Awesomer.

Awesome: Father and Daughter Use Legos to Recreate Scenes from Jurassic Park 

Chances are you didn’t play with Legos quite the same way as Paul Hollingsworth and his daughter, Hailee, when you were a kid. The father-daughter team recreated some amazing scenes from the movie Jurassic Park and put them together in this awesome video >>




Social: Pay Your Friends Using Facebook Messenger 

"Hey, Steve, you owe my 10 bucks!"

“Hey, Steve, you owe my 10 bucks!”

You can use Facebook to share awesome photos, your thoughts on the world and play games. Now, you can also use Facebook’s Messenger app to send payments to your friends. By simply adding your debit card information to Messenger, you can pay your friends for a variety of things like your share of last night’s pizza or that bracket pool you lost. >>




Streaming: Is Apple Joining the Online Streaming Party? 

Who needs 400 channels on your TV when you can get only channels you watch on your dekstop, tablet and phone?

Who needs 400 channels on your TV when you can get only channels you watch on your dekstop, tablet and phone?

As a newer generation of television viewers is cutting the cord for online only services, Apple may be throwing its hat into the ring. The company has reportedly had talks with several television groups for an Internet-based TV service offering broadcast networks like ABC, CBS Fox, ESPN and Discovery Channel. Is it time to cut the cord on 400-channel cable packages? >>





Internet Speed: Average U.S. Download Speed Jumps 10 Mbps in One Year 

While we're still ahead of the worldwide average, we're still far below the leaders in Internet speed.

While we’re still ahead of the worldwide average, we’re still far below the leaders in Internet speed.

The U.S. has long lagged behind many other countries in average internet download speeds. While we’re still nowhere near South Korea or Japan, the average download speed in the U.S. jumped up to 33.9 Mbps from April 2014 to March 2015. Hooray for faster Internet! >>






Mobile Tech: GPS, Drones and Computers: Is this the Future of Farming? 

Farming and technology are no longer seemingly opposite of each other.

Farming and technology are no longer seemingly opposite of each other.

Farming are crucial to the economy, both here in Iowa and across the United States. More and more, technology is helping to make growing crops more efficient with the use of GPS, computer displays and even drones. >>



Mar 17

Tech Tuesday: #TwizzlerChallenge, Awesome Google Maps and MORE

Posted by vgmforbin in Tech Tuesday

VGM Forbin Tech Tuesday

We’re back with a lighter, more entertainment-driven version of Tech Tuesday. The top stories for today include the #TwizzlerChallenge, the latest viral video fundraiser, Disney experimenting with Magicbands, awesome new Google Maps imagery, YouTube supporting 36-degree video and Google Now opening up its API to developers.


Mar 10

Tech Tuesday- Score One for the Good Guys, HBO Goes Online and More

Posted by vgmforbin in Tech Tuesday

VGM Forbin Tech Tuesday

Today’s Tech Tuesday is full of great news, like HBO putting direct-to-customer content on the web, the Internet rallying around a bullied stranger and Twitter taking steps to control abuse and trolls. Also featured are stories regarding stock photos from the recently release movie “Unfinished Business” and the CIA taking aim at cyberespionage.


Mar 6

“Mad” Awards: Our Work is Honored at the 2015 American Advertising Awards

Posted by vgmforbin in Award Winning

Forbin ADDY American Advertising Awards Wins

Which good looking folks are from Forbin and which are from Mad Men?

2014 was another great year at VGM Forbin, with our work earning three awards plus the People’s Choice Award at AAF-Cedar Valley’s 2015 American Advertising Awards ceremony.


In case you hadn’t heard, Don Draper himself made an appearance at this year’s AAF-Cedar Valley American Advertising Awards. So did Joan Holloway.


Okay, so the cast of AMC’s Mad Men didn’t really make an appearance, but cardboard cutouts are close enough, especially with the entirety of the Cedar Valley’s advertising, communications and marketing community doing their best Mad Men cast impressions.


Mar 3

The Revamped Rules Guarding Online Card Payments

Posted by vgmforbin in Tech News

Guidelines for accepting online payments from PCI DSS 3.0

Do you accept payments online or looking to add this functionality to your website? PCI DSS 3.0 standards need to be in place to protect you and our customers.

Accepting payment directly through your website benefits both you and your customers. It allows them to make purchases faster, which means you get paid quicker. However, like all things online in this day and age, there are dangers as well.


We all know the instances of data breaches and stolen cardholder information by now. But are you compliant with the latest standards for online payments?


The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council released their Data Security Standards version 3.0 in November of 2013. These standards were to be enacted by Jan. 1, 2015. If you accept payments of any kind through your website or through a cart system, it needs to be in compliance with these standards.


Mar 3

Online Security: What’s Keeping You Up at Night?

Posted by vgmforbin in Uncategorized

Security concerns of a few Forbin clients

We asked a few of our clients what their biggest security concern is for 2015. Their answers may sound familiar to your own security concerns.

We live in an age where technology is able to do so many great things. It’s capable of helping us store a huge amount of information, more than we ever have before. This valuable information includes everything from names and addresses to account numbers, social security numbers, financial data and patient data. Unfortunately, there are those who wish to steal this information for their benefit.


Cybercrime has been thrust into the spotlight recently with data breaches and hacks at large companies. Now, more than ever, security is just as vital a part of any business as products or services.


We asked a few of our clients to offer up the security issue they see as most threatening in 2015.


Feb 27

5 in 5: Improving Your Security

Posted by vgmforbin in 5 in 5

Security tips from VGM Forbin

It’s no secret that we think security is vital to any business’s online presence. We made it one of our predictions for 2015, and we’re recently introduced VGuard™, a proprietary security system to defend websites from known and unknown threats.


That’s why we could think of no better topic to kick off our “5 in 5” blog series, offering five tips in five minutes or less.  Putting these security tips in place at your business could mean the difference between getting hacked or being able to sleep at night knowing your company and customer data is safe.


Feb 24

Tech Tuesday: The Best. Selfie. Ever. and MORE

Posted by vgmforbin in Tech News, Tech Tuesday

VGM Forbin Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday is here again, and there are some great stories out there relating to technology and the web. In today’s edition we feature stories about Facebook’s increasing advertising numbers, a guide to encryption for beginners, making Facebook more accessible for the blind, big data fighting fraud and literally the best selfie ever.



Feb 19

Mobile Responsive and “Mobile-Friendly” Websites are not Equals

Posted by vgmforbin in Web Development

Responsive websites vs. mobile-friendly websites

When it comes to mobile, a responsive website — with your site’s full content and features — is a game changer.

First were the doubters who thought the internet wouldn’t catch on. Next came the skeptics who laughed at the idea of individuals accessing the internet from a personal computer in their own home. Then came internet access on laptops, and then mobile phones become internet accessible.


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